Find Your Best Beach For Swimming At The Baths National Park Feel Like An Angel At Devils Bay

As I mentioned in another post, I advise my guests staying at A Dream Come True Villa to avoid swimming at THE BATHS where you’ll find crowds unless you time your visit at just the right time. Instead, take the trail leading from from THE BATHS to lovely Devil’s Bay Beach. Do this and you… Read more »

Find Your Best Beach For A Beautiful Workout The Baths National Park Beach

One of the most important tidbits of information I give to my guests at A Dream Come True Villa is that THE BATHS NATIONAL PARK is a “must-see” experience, but there are some important details to keep in mind about planning their visit. I recommend you take the trail connecting THE BATHS to DEVIL’S BAY. On… Read more »

How I Discovered Virgin Gorda And It Changed My Life

Once upon a time, I flew on a whim into Virgin Gorda’s tiny airport along the sapphire sea. The year was 1980. My husband and I took advantage of the opportunity to leave our three kids in Humaco, Puerto Rico. Relatives offered to babysit for a few days so we could travel anywhere in the… Read more »