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How To Avoid The Post-Holiday Blahs

A Dream Come True Villa, Virgin Gorda

So Christmas and Hanukah have passed, and you’re facing down New Year’s Eve. Is it inevitable that the majority of us put so much effort into preparing for the festivities in December that a cloud starts to hover above us once we are actually celebrating? Perhaps the solution lies in choosing a New Year’s Resolution… Read more »

How To Survive The Winter Of 2016 With Joy!

A bit of heaven on earth; stop to snorkel where ever you wish!

Plan ahead right now to resist letting your mood droop like your summer flowers after the first frost. Now that days are shorter and darker, winter is knocking on your doorstep. All the big holidays are only weeks away. It is time to plan an escape to the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of Virgin Gorda in… Read more »