For The British Virgin Islands, Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing!

Water Sports

Let me count the ways I love to enjoy the exquisite British Virgin Islands. I’ve vacationed here since 1980 and never exhaust my appetite for the variety of places to relax and soak up the scenic beauty that is seemingly unchanged over the years. I can rest and take in the warm Caribbean rays by a horizon pool or get going and explore by land or sea. Vacation possibilities are endless. This post is a smorgasbord of Top 10 Rankings, vacation specials, and other information you might find helpful when planning your next BVI getaway.

Sports have become decidedly more active as the millennial generation travels to Virgin Gorda and Tortola. Their taste for excitement brought in kite boarding and paddle boarding, so get your adrenaline pumping with these in addition to sailing, motor yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and flats fishing.

Tortola now boasts a zip line canopy tour; this aerial adventure showcases beautiful views of the sea, surrounding islands, and Tortola as you’ve never seen it. Although the list of things to do grows each year, pristine beaches always seem to be the main attraction for visitors to the BVI.

Around the world, the British Virgin Islands regularly land on “Top 10” travel lists simply because – in many areas of interest to guests – they simply are beloved. I’ve compiled a list of recent accolades garnered by the BVI or the island gem, Virgin Gorda. This is not an exhaustive list of the BVI’s splendors by any means, just some I’ve noticed.

  1.  Those of you who have been scuba diving here before will surely agree with this vote. The British Virgin Islands were voted No. 1 for Best Wreck Diving Overall in the Atlantic & Caribbean in Scuba Diving’s 2015 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards:
  2. Would you travel halfway around the world to visit a beach? Thousands do come from far and near every year to the The BVI. You’ll not be surprised to hear that The Baths National Park made this second list at #4.                       8 of the World’s Dreamiest Long Haul Beaches:
  3. Most Relaxing Beaches: There is more beach to Virgin Gorda than just The Baths National Park. Be sure to explore each of the delightful beach options on this 8-mile isle and allow enough days to enjoy all of them. On Tortola, seek out Brewer’s Bay or Long Bay for a piece of paradise.  British Virgin Islands Rated #1.                        The grottoes at The Baths are iconic and beloved by visitors from around the world.
  4. Let’s hear it for Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda for making the Huffington Post’s 10 Trek-Worthy Beaches! To get to Devil’s Bay, let’s imagine you left Chicago on a 6:00 a.m. flight, took the ferry from St. Thomas to VG at 4 p.m., hiked to Devil’s Bay beach on the first morning of vacation – plus Devil’s Bay was your screen saver for the year before you arrived. I get it. Yes, it is worthy of your trek, and this beach is a many-splendored thing. The beauty of Spring Bay National Park on Virgin Gorda surrounds the visitor with turquoise waters, palm trees, and magnificent boulders in an unspoiled setting. – Photo courtesy Johnna Rice
  5. For those of you who know Virgin Gorda, you understand this next ranking. Or if you’ve yet to visit, come see why – once first-timers’ experience this islands’ charms – they are forever spoiled for any other destination. Virgin Gorda ranked #1 Island in the Caribbean by Travel + Leisure.
  6. Most of us check out new places on Trip Advisor for advice from fellow travelers. Take the following advice with confidence: Virgin Gorda voted Best Island in the Caribbean – Traveler’s Choice 2014 by TripAdvisor. Virgin Gorda sunsets are famous for their variety and wonderful colors.
  7. I promised you a list of splendors in the British Virgin Islands. Last – but not least – hiking is one of my favorite pastimes while on vacation here. Gorda Peak National Park makes the list! At the top is a wooden observation tower; climb up to the platform. You’ll be treated to jaw-dropping, 360-degree views of the surrounding islands.                                                           Next up: The Baths and Devils Bay hiking loops also make the list (See my separate posts on these two beaches.)                                                           Number 3 is Peter Island.     3 must do hiking adventures in the British Virgin Islands:                                          

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