Award-Winning Amenities

Paradise is Just a Click Away

Discover the timeless luxury of A Dream Come True. Where the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches cradle the world’s most beautiful crystal blue waters. Where you’ll find luxurious amenities, innovative dining and first-class concierge service. Where sophistication and beauty blend seamlessly. Unique among the pre-eminent British Virgin Island Properties, A Dream Come True is the original escape for those who want it all!

Award-Winning Amenities

Our luxurious private Villa begs you to bask in privacy. Enjoy living at its most lavish: Personalized, professional and discrete service. Every convenience at your fingertips, wherever you desire. Overlooking the majestic Mahoe, Pond and Savannah Bays, we are steps from the beaches and moments from your most indulgent dreams. A Dream Come True is the perfect setting for your Special Occasion, your Multi-Generational Celebration, your Honeymoon, or your most Romantic Getaway!

Award-Winning Island Estate

New visitors, repeat guests and Island natives are all captivated by A Dream Come Trues unparalleled location, its spectacular views, and the Villa’s natural ambience. Privately nestled on Virgin Gorda’s prettiest coastline, it’s an easy drive, walk or jog to and from the island’s most stunning locations. Five minutes and a world away from Spanishtown, our guests can at once mesh with the natives and enjoy romantic seclusion.

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You Deserve This!

You’ve seen Paradise. Now experience what A Dream Come True on Virgin Gorda truly means by reaching out and reserving what we promise will make your vacation dreams come true.

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