Find Your Best Beach For Swimming At The Baths National Park Feel Like An Angel At Devils Bay

As I mentioned in another post, I advise my guests staying at A Dream Come True Villa to avoid swimming at THE BATHS where you’ll find crowds unless you time your visit at just the right time. Instead, take the trail leading from from THE BATHS to lovely Devil’s Bay Beach. Do this and you will feel like an angel at Devil’s Bay!

This beach is part of the BVI National Park System, but far fewer visitors frolic there.

Note: You can also reach Devil’s Bay Beach by taking the trail directly from The Top of the Baths Restaurant parking lot. By the way, The Top of the Baths Restaurant serves a great lunch menu and sunset here is fantastic! The direct path to DEVIL’S BAY is located uphill from their parking area.

If you are following the trail to DEVIL’S BAY from THE BATHS NATIONAL PARK BEACH and need a snack, grab something before you leave because only THE BATHS offers a snack bar.

Look for this sign down at THE BATHS BEACH for the trail to DEVIL’S BAY. Courtesy TripAdvisor Contributors

You’ll love the massive boulders, curving beach, and palm trees at DEVIL’S BAY. Floating on these transparent turquoise waters ~ as you snorkel around the boulders ~ is one my favorite experiences in Virgin Gorda! Consider adding this appealing attraction to your bucket list.

Turn in every direction and each view is more beautiful than the next! Courtesy TripAdvisor Contributors

You can’t just park your car near this beach; you have to hike there, but it is worth it!

Plan ahead and carry the minimum: sun block, water, a beach towel, and snorkel set. This beach can be crowded (but not as crowded as THE BATHS) because many tourists come over from Tortola on the 9 am ferry and return around 2 pm. This is especially true when there is a cruise ship docked in Tortola. Be smart and plan your visit for later in the afternoon.

This location is a bit of heaven! No trash, just beauty above and below the water, and you’ll feel like an angel at Devil’s Bay!

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