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What are the current Covid Entry Protocols for entering the BVI?

At the moment, before arrival, visitors must go the BVI GATEWAY PORTAL (https://bvigateway.bviaa.com). The form must be completed more than 48 hours prior to your arrival.  All visitors to the BVI must arrive through the Tortola Airport (EIS).  You are allowed to fly into the St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. airport (STT) and arrange for transportation directly to EIS.

To enter you need a PCR Covid test from home. When you arrive, you will be given another PCR test.  Transportation from Tortola to A Dream Come True Villa is provided by the BVI Government. You are responsible for your own transportation cost from Virgin Gorda to EIS or STT.

The first four days, you are quarantined at the villa.  At A Dream Come True, this means you can enjoy the lovely horizon pool, and swim, snorkel, or kayak to pristine Pond Bay Beach, which is a 2-minute paddle from our waterfront recreation area. On Day #4, the BVI Government will have arranged for you to have a second PCR test.  You can use this test for returning to the U.S.  If your test is negative, you are free to move around to Virgin Gorda’s many beaches and enjoy the delicacies at the many restaurants, take snorkeling trips, rent a boat, and take part in all the activities Virgin Gorda has to offer.

Travel in the Time of Covid Protocols


  1. You must go to the BVI GATEWAY PORTAL and submit your application no later than 48 hours before travel. You need to provide negative results from a PCR test done at home.

All applicants in PENDING status, who have not completed their necessary requirements 24 hours prior to travelling, will be DENIED ENTRY.

Only NASOPHARYNGEAL RT-PCR tests are accepted for passengers 5 and over.


For the Site’s Tech Support or Questions:
Email: bvigateway@bviaa.com

  1. You need to reach/arrive at Tortola’s airport (EIS) for ARRIVAL TESTING TO ENTER THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.
  2. Here are your travel options for travel to EIS:  *  Fly from San Juan directly into Tortola (EIS). Cape Air and Air Sunshine, plus a private charter are the options.   *  Fly into Thomas, US Virgin Islands from your home airport.
  3. Once in St. Thomas (STT), here are options for reaching the Tortola Testing Area:  CAPE AIR flies from STT to EIS, round trip.  $545 per person.  YOU CAN BOOK SEATS ONLINE.  www.capeair.com.  DOLPHIN WATER TAXI in St. Thomas, USVI (1-340-774-2628) offers a combo packageDAY OF ARRIVAL:  An air charter from STT to EIS  $199 per person.  DEPARTURE DAY: A Private water taxi from Virgin Gorda to STT  costs $169 per person.
  1. The BVI Government will provide COMPLIMENTARY transportation from EIS over to Virgin Gorda, directly to your villa.

6.  You are on your own to provide your return transportation, either to EIS or STT.

7.  BEST OF THE BVI’s website lists several water taxi companies. bestofbvi.com

I am happy to help you figure out your travel plans from your home airport to the TESTING CENTER at EIS, and your return arrangements from Virgin Gorda to either EIS or STT airports.  If you book a stay at A Dream Come True for 14 nights, the second week is discounted 25%.  Please see the SPECIALS page.

Please call me for assistance:  978-283-0669   Home:  978-578-5431 Cell

Things To Do


In July 2014, TRAVEL & LEISURE MAGAZINE named Virgin Gorda the #1 island in the Caribbean. Is this your first trip to this precious island? You will be delighted by the picture-perfect beaches with palms swaying in the breeze. You’ll find expanses of sand reaching out towards turquoise waters. You won’t find trash on these beaches, vendors selling you woven hats, or crowds lying on the sands lined up like sardines in a can.

Explore the fourteen beaches easily reached by car and on foot – and you’ll be rewarded by some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean with fabulous coral reefs and sea fan gardens. You’ll likely swim along with a sea turtle or colorful parrot fish in abundance. Virgin Gorda offers you the best beaches, friendly BVI locals, and often privacy, if you time your visits right. For scuba diving, Virgin Gorda offers “The Wreck of The Rhone” and numerous other sites. DIVE BVI and Kilbrides are the two excellent scuba operators with daily trips.

Savannah & Pond Bay

Savannah & Pond Bay: Accessible from our villa by our kayak fleet! A 2-minute paddle from our seaside location!

You can drop anchor off shore of A Dream Come True Virgin Gorda vacation rentals in our beautiful bays – Savannah and Pond Bay. For those who want to explore the many islands of the BVI, our staff will help coordinate rentals for a variety of watercraft available on Virgin Gorda. Available at the villa is a comprehensive “Guest Information Book” filled with advice on what to see and do, where to eat, restaurant menus, and special details about the island of Virgin Gorda.  As your “Virgin Gorda Concierge,” we can assist with personalized recommendations for your group ~ complimentary, of course.


Pry yourself away from A Dream Come True and “our” three beaches, and do visit the other 11 magnificent beaches on Virgin Gorda. You definitely want to rent a car and enjoy all that Virgin Gorda has to offer. Gather your snorkeling gear at the villa and prepare yourself to experience Nature at its best ~ under and above the water. You’ll find each beach on the island has its own character, is beautiful in its own way, and has snorkeling. You can visit two beaches a day in a typical week’s visit, and you’ll soon want to plan your return vacation!

Find Your Best Beach!


You can enjoy secluded and pristine beaches.


Gather your girlfriends and come relax for a week of fun!


There is nothing so soothing as floating in the gin-clear waters of Virgin Gorda.


Feel like a carefree kid again, and swim like the fish you love to watch.


It’s so easy to find your best beach…every day of your vacation.


Virgin Gorda is a Haven for Water Sports!

Explore the western beach coast of Virgin Gorda from A Dream Come True’s oceanfront location in our 6 double kayaks. You can rent windsurfers, kite boards, paddleboards, sailboats or powerboats  – with or without benefit of a captain.  You’re never far from land when on the turquoise waters surrounding Virgin Gorda.

The Copper Mine

Cop 2

Are you a history buff? Head out to the Copper Mine on Copper Mine Road.  It’s facing the deep, blue Atlantic Ocean, and you’ll be fascinated by the tale of the Welsh miners who mined for copper long ago. See if you can spot A Dream Come True through the gap in the mountains. Afterwards, stop by “The Mine Shaft Restaurant” for free mini-golf, panoramic views of the U.S. and B.V. Islands, and some tasty conch fritters. Sunset is amazing here!

How to Spend a Day in Paradise

Here is a link to “How to Spend a Day in Paradise,” from the Insider’s Guide to Virgin Gorda by Germaine Fritz.

Live Music

There is an active live-music scene in Virgin Gorda. During high season, most restaurants have music one night a week. Check ads in the WELCOME MAGAZINE for their schedules. In low season, call in advance.  Check out The Rock Café, Chez Bamboo, Little Dix Resort (Morris Marks), The Coppermine, Sugarcane, Leverick Bay Resort (Friday night buffet with Jumbies), among others.

Water Taxis to Other Locations


There are several resorts in the waters surrounding Virgin Gorda’s North Sound, and on Virgin Gorda but only accessible by complimentary water shuttles, that are eager to bring you to their locations. This offers you a change of pace, a free boat trip on Virgin Gorda’s turquoise waters, and a chance to shop in a variety of small boutiques.  Go for lunch or dinner, and use their beach and oceanfront. You must have a reservation for dinner. Check your WELCOME MAGAZINE for the phone numbers of each establishment. They are delighted to provide transportation for you.

The shuttles leave from Gun Creek in North Sound or Leverick Bay Resort’s Marina dock in North Sound. You need a reservation for the water shuttle. If going for dinner, you will usually be offered one seating. Options are: Saba Rock, Biras Creek Resort, The Bitter End, The Fat Virgin (sandwiches), and Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

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