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So Christmas and Hanukah have passed, and you’re facing down New Year’s Eve. Is it inevitable that the majority of us put so much effort into preparing for the festivities in December that a cloud starts to hover above us once we are actually celebrating?

How to Chase Away the Post-Holiday Blahs

The Post-Holiday Blahs Are Setting In…

Perhaps the solution lies in choosing a New Year’s Resolution immediately! Pick one that you can manage and that will bring you joy. Also choose one you can achieve.

Setting a goal is a challenge for many. Get fit? Lose weight? Organize all storage in your home? Learn a new hobby? Why not learn a new hobby that will help you get fit and lose weight – and organize your storage while doing it? Unachievable like most New Year’s resolutions!

Make it a priority at this time year to be grateful for all you have in your life.

Meditate, do yoga, or take a shower while you count your blessings.

I think such resolutions put too much pressure on us. I propose finding 15 minutes in a quiet room where you can count your blessings from 2015.

Think of your family, close friends, work friends, your job, home, health, and any experiences that brought you particular joy this year.

Rather than working on improving yourself as a New Year’s Resolution, choose travel as a goal for relaxing and feeding your soul and senses. Many folks become irritable or even depressed come winter from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Simply put, your senses need more sunlight, and you would benefit from seeing the turquoise waters and gorgeous flowers of Virgin Gorda.

If your path leads to Virgin Gorda, BVI, your spirit will feel refreshed and renewed.

Choose a path that leads to renewing your spirit. Vacation where you feel surrounded by beauty ~ Virgin Gorda, BVI.

Do you want to spend time with your family so you can recharge and reconnect? Then spend a week and have the time of your lives at a  A Dream Come True Estate in Virgin Gorda.

5 bedroom oceanfront luxury villa Virgin Gorda

A Dream Come True Villa, Virgin Gorda

Did the past year take a toll on your relationship with your spouse or special someone? If illness made it difficult to travel but now you can, then celebrate with a A Romantic Getaway for Two Special.

At this beautiful beach, only the two of you matter.

This is all you need ~ just the two of you, like it used to be when you first met.

The winter is here. Seize this moment and make your plans so you can face New Year’s Eve with aplomb.

Winter came late this year, but here it comes.

You knew it had to happen sooner or later.

Your winter doldrums will lift. You will feel gratitude for the abundance you have in your life. You will eagerly look forward to your upcoming trip. And this time next year, you’ll have something else to appreciate.

Virgin Gorda has many places to replace and recharge.

Ease on to Virgin Gorda time. It won’t take you long.

How To Survive The Winter Of 2016 With Joy!

Plan ahead right now to resist letting your mood droop like your summer flowers after the first frost.

Now that days are shorter and darker, winter is knocking on your doorstep. All the big holidays are only weeks away.

It is time to plan an escape to the crystal-clear, turquoise waters of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. Do it now, and you’ll be happy you did.

Around Virgin Gorda, you can find many places to snorkel.

A bit of heaven on earth; stop to snorkel where ever you wish!

How wonderful you’ll feel after arriving at this exquisite paradise where nothing is built taller than a palm tree.

Charter and scheduled flights service the airport on Virgin Gorda, BVI. It's the most convenient way to travel to the island.

Add flying into Virgin Gorda’s convenient airport to your “TO DO” List!  The views are breathtaking!

January through April are prime months for your island escape. By then, your body and brain will be craving the warmth of the sun, the brightness of the luminous light, and the vibrant colors of the tropical flowers all over the island of Virgin Gorda.

There is everything to love about Virgin Gorda! Everyone is friendly. Accommodations are varied and suit all tastes. There are numerous restaurants to tempt your palate and appetite, and you’ll find live music each evening during high season at one venue or another.

This island is frequently rated #1 or in the Top 5 or 10 for its fantastic beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, or other attributes. The island is clean, safe, and old-fashioned in the best ways.

Freed from your daily responsibilities at home, you can either veg out on one of the twelve gorgeous beaches on Virgin Gorda with one of the books you are eager to read – or strike a more adventuresome pose while paddle boarding, sailing, scuba diving or snorkeling. My next goal is to try kite boarding!


Planning your getaway is simple. First, book your Virgin Gorda accommodations at a private villa, waterfront resort, hotel, or guest apartment. Next, make plane reservations to St. Thomas or San Juan.

Your fear of the interminable, icy months of winter will vanish, and in 2016 you’ll look forward to the year’s coldest season with joy in your heart!

Many cars are stuck in a blizzard on the interstate.

Your secret: You’ll be heading to Virgin Gorda while cars are stuck in the snow.

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Let me count the ways I love to enjoy the exquisite British Virgin Islands. I’ve vacationed here since 1980 and never exhaust my appetite for the variety of places to relax and soak up the scenic beauty that is seemingly unchanged over the years. I can rest and take in the warm Caribbean rays by a horizon pool or get going and explore by land or sea. Vacation possibilities are endless. This post is a smorgasbord of Top 10 Rankings, vacation specials, and other information you might find helpful when planning your next BVI getaway.

Kite boarding is a popular new water sport in the British Virgin Islands.

Skimming across the turquoise waters of the BVI is exhilarating!

Sports have become decidedly more active as the millennial generation travels to Virgin Gorda and Tortola. Their taste for excitement brought in kite boarding and paddle boarding, so get your adrenaline pumping with these in addition to sailing, motor yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and flats fishing.

Tortola now boasts a zip line canopy tour; this aerial adventure showcases beautiful views of the sea, surrounding islands, and Tortola as you’ve never seen it. Although the list of things to do grows each year, pristine beaches always seem to be the main attraction for visitors to the BVI.


Pond Bay and Savannah Bay Beaches on Virgin Gorda are pristine and picture-perfect.

Around the world, the British Virgin Islands regularly land on “Top 10” travel lists simply because – in many areas of interest to guests – they simply are beloved. I’ve compiled a list of recent accolades garnered by the BVI or the island gem, Virgin Gorda. This is not an exhaustive list of the BVI’s splendors by any means, just some I’ve noticed.

  1.  Those of you who have been scuba diving here before will surely agree with this vote. The British Virgin Islands were voted No. 1 for Best Wreck Diving Overall in the Atlantic & Caribbean in Scuba Diving’s 2015 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards: http://www.scubadiving.com/photos/top-100-2015-worlds-best-wreck-dives
  1. Would you travel halfway around the world to visit a beach? Thousands do come from far and near every year to the The BVI. You’ll not be surprised to hear that The Baths National Park made this second list at #4.                       8 of the World’s Dreamiest Long Haul Beaches:  http://www.travelsupermarket.com/blog/8-worlds-best-longhaul-beaches/
  1. Most Relaxing Beaches: There is more beach to Virgin Gorda than just The Baths National Park. Be sure to explore each of the delightful beach options on this 8-mile isle and allow enough days to enjoy all of them. On Tortola, seek out Brewer’s Bay or Long Bay for a piece of paradise.  British Virgin Islands Rated #1.                                 http://travel.usnews.com/Rankings/Most_Relaxing_Beaches/?src=usn_fb

    Huge boulders form grottoes with translucent pools of sea water.

    The grottoes at The Baths are iconic and beloved by visitors from around the world.

  1. Let’s hear it for Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda for making the Huffington Post’s 10 Trek-Worthy Beaches! To get to Devil’s Bay, let’s imagine you left Chicago on a 6:00 a.m. flight, took the ferry from St. Thomas to VG at 4 p.m., hiked to Devil’s Bay beach on the first morning of vacation – plus Devil’s Bay was your screen saver for the year before you arrived. I get it. Yes, it is worthy of your trek, and this beach is a many-splendored thing.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cheapflights/10-trek-worthy-beaches-ar_b_5711539.html

    The sum of Virgin Gorda's charms is captured at Spring Bay National Park.

    The beauty of Spring Bay National Park on Virgin Gorda surrounds the visitor with turquoise waters, palm trees, and magnificent boulders in an unspoiled setting. – Photo courtesy Johnna Rice

  1. For those of you who know Virgin Gorda, you understand this next ranking. Or if you’ve yet to visit, come see why – once first-timers’ experience this islands’ charms – they are forever spoiled for any other destination. Virgin Gorda ranked #1 Island in the Caribbean by Travel + Leisure. http://www.virginislandsnewsonline.com/en/news/travel-leisure-magazine-names-virgin-gorda-1-island-in-caribbean
  1. Most of us check out new places on Trip Advisor for advice from fellow travelers. Take the following advice with confidence: Virgin Gorda voted Best Island in the Caribbean – Traveler’s Choice 2014 by TripAdvisor. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g147358-Virgin_Gorda_British_Virgin_Islands-Vacations.html

    The sunsets in Virgin Gorda are gorgeous!

    Virgin Gorda sunsets are famous for their variety and wonderful colors.

  1. I promised you a list of splendors in the British Virgin Islands. Last – but not least – hiking is one of my favorite pastimes while on vacation here. Gorda Peak National Park makes the list! At the top is a wooden observation tower; climb up to the platform. You’ll be treated to jaw-dropping, 360-degree views of the surrounding islands.                                                           Next up: The Baths and Devils Bay hiking loops also make the list (See my separate posts on these two beaches.)                                                           Number 3 is Peter Island.     3 must do hiking adventures in the British Virgin Islands:                                                    http://nypost.com/2014/11/24/3-must-do-hiking-adventures-in-the-british-virgin-islands/

The BVI Tourism Board has launched the “Keep It To Yourself Campaign – Come visit us & explore Nature’s Little Secrets.” Why not discover what personalized “Top 10” Activities will give you vacation memories to last a lifetime? Check out the Summer FREEdom Specials at http://www.bvitourism.com/summer

The British Virgin Island's website has Summer FREEdom specials with vacation deals for everyone!

Check out the BVI’s SummerFREEdom Specials on the British Virgin Islands Tourism Board’s website!

A Dream Come True Villa on Virgin Gorda is an exceptionally private, oceanfront villa offering 2-minute kayak access to Pond Bay and Savannah Bay beaches, plus spacious accommodations for 2-14 guests. Live the definition of luxury at this property known for its 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and individualized trip planning for guests. Summer and fall getaways are at a 20% discount through December 16, 2015.

Oceanfront 5 Bedrooms villa A Dream Come True offers 25% January Special.

A Dream Come True Villa is offering a 20% Discount off Summer Rates at this Luxury Villa with All 5-Star Reviews.

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The Beginner’s Guide To Romantic Beaches on Virgin Gorda

Perfection at Pond Bay Beach!

Surf, sand and sun – perfection at Pond Bay Beach!

It seems like no one talks about romantic beach escapes anymore. Am I the only romantic left in the world? I hope not! Let me give you some tips on finding two special beaches on the idyllic island of Virgin Gorda so you and your sweetheart can enjoy some delightful hours there. Add in some sunblock and the rays of the B.V.I. sun ~ best before noon or after 3 P.M. ~ and you’ll be good to go! If you need advice on what else to bring to the beach in Virgin Gorda, you can read my detailed blog on that.

At this beautiful beach, only the two of you matter.

This is all you need ~ just the two of you, like it used to be when you first met.

If you’d like to be alone on a pristine beach with panoramic views toward Tortola, try POND BAY BEACH. Because it is not easily accessible by the general public, you’re likely to be the only ones there. Isn’t that the idea? If you’re staying at nearby A Dream Come True Villa, you can kayak over there in two minutes. Otherwise, park by the government sign at the road and follow the trail to the beach. It’s located at the mid-point of the island, the intersection where the mountain road starts up the hill and Plum Tree Bay Road splits off towards Nail Bay. You can also turn into the sign for SAVANNAH BAY BEACH a couple of minutes down the road, park there, and then follow a trail for 10 minutes to Pond Bay Beach. You’ll find nothing at this beach except yourselves! There are some young coconut palms for shade. You can float for hours in the sea. This is a lovely strand of beach for you to walk hand-in-hand. Be sure to carry out any trash you generate since there are no trash receptacles.

Savannah & Pond Bay Beaches can be reached from A Dream Come True Villa by kayak, swimming, or snorkeling.

Swim, snorkel, or even kayak in just 2 minutes to Savannah & Pond Bay Beaches from A Dream Come True Villa’s oceanfront location! Check out the 20% Summer Special on the “Romantic Getaway for Two!”

Another great location to visit with your special someone is LITTLE TRUNK BAY BEACH. This beach is located in the southern part of the island. Not many folks know about it, and to access it, first park at the SPRING BAY NATIONAL PARK parking area (see my post on this beach). When you arrive at the end of the trail and you are at the beach, there will be an outdoor grill and picnic table area to your right. Turn right and go past this. Keep walking and on your left you’ll see a small “pocket beach” nestled in large boulders. Look to the right: walk between two large rocks (a tight fit). You’ll have to hold on to the sides of the rocks to get through as you balance your feet on a rock! Soon you’ll be on an easy, level trail that leads to breathtaking LITTLE TRUNK BAY BEACH. To enter the water here, be careful to line up with the biggest boulder! There is a lot of coral along this coastline. You’ll find several areas where you can cuddle up amongst the boulders and relax, watching the surf come into the shore. Snorkeling is fine here, but the sea can get rough if the conditions are right. No beach safety flags here nor lifeguards. This is one of my favorite places on Earth!

It's easy to fall in love with Little Trunk Beach!

Why not add this beautiful beach to your list of favorite places on Virgin Gorda?

And also swim and snorkel at Spring Bay! A “must do” during your Virgin Gorda trip! See my blog post on this beach.


Is snorkeling amongst the boulders on your bucket list? Add it if it’s not!

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To my husband’s amazement, I’ve managed to highjack him and sweep him away on several romantic getaways. Almost all of these escapades were to foreign destinations. The planning required a considerable amount of clandestine effort on my part since there were three children, two dogs, and two jobs in the mix. But surprise him I did, each and every time!

I’ll share with you some of my techniques ~ and itineraries ~ and I hope I’ll inspire you to throw caution to the wind. Why not surprise your special someone with a secret getaway? It is definitely worth the extra trouble and energy required!


For this trip, I asked my husband’s best friend, Peter, to call my husband and ask him for a ride to the airport at 9 a.m. When my husband left to pick Peter up at 6 a.m., my 16 year-old daughter and I followed him in my car (but not too closely). I had surreptitiously put packed suitcases into my car the previous night. Inside the car was a balloon that said, “Happy 20th Anniversary!” When Peter arrived at the airport, I kissed my daughter goodbye, grabbed the suitcases and balloon, and ran up to my husband’s car. I told him, “Happy Anniversary! We’re going to Bermuda!” My husband was absolutely stunned ~ and not very well dressed for this adventure. Peter drove our car home. My parents arrived to babysit, and my husband was astonished to realize I’d arranged to cancel his appointments for the next week.



I told my sweetheart to pack a suitcase and to bring along his passport. I refused to give any other information. I brought carry-on bags only. When we got to the airport, I asked my guy to buy a newspaper while I checked us in with our ID’s. The airline representative saw him give me his passport, so she accepted it without needing him to be by my side. This was crucial for my plan to work. I wanted to keep our destination secret for as long as possible. I brought my husband to a departure gate for Branson, MO. I could tell he was flabbergasted! When this flight started to board, I moved us to a flight departing for Juneau, AL. The husband seemed more interested in that destination, but, once again we changed gates; this time to a Miami flight. My stalwart companion said, “Where in the world are we going?” We ended up flying on a charter to Cat Island, Bahamas, for a 4-day weekend. From the feedback I received, it’s definitely worth playing this game!

Cat Island, Bahamas


This is the perfect, covert, long-weekend strategy if you are married to someone who works very long hours and deserves a break. Someone in the marriage needs to take control of planning short and long vacations; you know if that someone is you.

We live north of Boston and had never visited Newport, RI. Several months in advance, I told my husband’s secretaries that I was taking him away on a certain date, but he was not to know in advance. His Friday schedule needed to look like a “normal” day of patients when it was printed for him in the morning. He would not able to take emergencies that day; instead, they needed to go to the other doctors on call. I planned to take Friday off. Thursday night, I put our packed suitcase into the trunk of my husband’s car. In the morning, I asked him to drop me off at work so I could go shopping with a friend after work. At work, I took a cab to my husband’s office. I beat him there since he was at the hospital making rounds, so I hid in his private office. When he walked in, his secretaries handed him his “faux schedule” for the day with 30 patients on it. I popped into the waiting room and said, “Let’s get out of here! We’re going on a road trip!” He said, “There’s NO way! I have 30 patients…!” I savor the memories we share from that sweet escape to Newport, RI.

Newport, RT: Explore The Mansions


Here’s a trick I’ll be playing on my sweetie for his upcoming birthday. Luckily, he doesn’t read my blog. While we are vacationing at A Dream Come True this spring, I’ll announce I need to pick something up at the grocery store for dinner. Waiting for me at the ferry dock will be two of our best friends, arriving on the ferry from St. Thomas (after flying in to the St. Thomas airport). When we arrive back at the villa, I’ll ring the bell ~ just in case my nature boy is skinny-dipping in our horizon pool! I know he’ll be dumbfounded when he sees Judy and Carl. He’ll say, “What are you doing here?” I love to layer my surprises. After the excitement dies down, Chef Puck is coming to prepare his Caribbean fusion of delicious flavors for the birthday dinner!

Believe me when I say that gratitude for a romantic getaway is indeed a lovely emotion and is worth any hassles you encounter when planning such a trip. Do try it yourself sometime!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oceanfront 5 Bedrooms villa A Dream Come True offers 25% January Special.

A Dream Come True Villa is offering a Romantic Getaway for Two Special at a 20% Discount!

If you’d like some help with planning a trip to A Dream Come True Villa, contact me. I am a Virgin Gorda expert. For 15 years, I’ve been planning special occasions for guests at my villa ~ many of them surprises! I love to help plan engagement, anniversary, birthday, or other special milestones at one of the most romantic places I’ve ever seen! Let’s come up with your escape plan!

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